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Bagels, Mt. Juliet, TN, Jersey Oven Bagels


Jersey Oven is your go-to place to get real, old-fashioned, hand rolled, kettled boiled bagels in Middle Tennessee. Randy, the baker, learned the tradition and history of old-fashioned, scratch baking from the old timers in New Jersey back in the ‘70s. Randy is a craftsman who takes pride in his work. We make things the traditional way; we do not need to use gimmicks or terms like artisan. Just good old-fashioned food served the good, old fashioned way.

Randy Mowery, Mt. Juliet, TN, Jersey Oven Bagels

Randy Mowery, Owner / Baker

Baker Randy Mowery and his wife moved to Mount Juliet in 2006. He knew if Southerners got a taste of Jersey Shore specialties just one time, their palates would be changed. ​


Randy brings a little part of New Jersey to Mt. Juliet with a triple threat of made-from-scratch foods that he produces himself.


He opened Jersey Oven Bakery in 2020. 

“Jersey Oven Bakery is a Class A bench hand-scratch bakery,” said Mowery. “I can make anything from scratch,” Mowery said. “Ours is a mom-and-pop shop and everything we make can’t be found anywhere else.”

Most people haven’t ever tasted a “real” bagel, said Mowery. The flour is mixed with yeast, salt and malt. The strips of dough are rolled by hand. They rest in the refrigerator overnight, then are kettle boiled. 


“These have such a distinct flavor,” Mowery said. “They will fill you up, but are a dense product. People want to take bread out of their diets, but the loaves of bread you get at the store have about 50 ingredients in them. Once you’ve tried one of my bagels, you are hooked.”

Mowery said he has been making bagels since he was a kid in New Jersey. As a high school freshman, he worked at a local bakery and went in to work at 2 a.m. before classes. 


He said he makes a killer “everything bagel,” as well as specialty cream cheeses His signature bagel is the “French toast bagel.”

And, what in the world is a pork roll? It’s a pork-based processed meat commonly found in New Jersey. “It’s not Canadian bacon, but sweet and tangy,” he said. “It doesn’t taste like ham or pork. It’s distinctive, indescribable, but delicious. It’s smoked and cured the old-world way.”

A specialty sandwich Mowery offers is pork roll with egg and cheese grilled on a bagel. 

“People see us work the dough on a bench,” Mowery said. “We roll the bagels on a special maple bench. They see us boil the bagels.”

“From the food to the atmosphere, it’s an experience,” said Mowery. “Like 100 years ago.”

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